Bitcoin accumulation hits highest level since July, signaling bullish trend

Quick Take The Accumulation Trend Score, a metric indicating the relative size of entities actively accumulating Bitcoin, has signaled a shift. This indicator evaluates on-chain Bitcoin holdings, factoring in the size of an entity’s balance (participation score) and their recent acquisition or selling activity (balance change score). On this scale, a score approaching 1 suggests … Read more

Mirror Trading International to pay $1.7B in restitution to victims of Bitcoin investment scam

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced on Sept. 7 the outcome of a case against a South African company involved in crypto fraud. The CFTC said that a judge has entered a consent order against Mirror Trading International Proprietary Limited (MTI), finding the company liable for several types of fraud. The order will … Read more

Bitcoin mining is for the people, thanks to GoMining

Bitcoin mining is one of the best ways to support and participate in the network and earn BTC. However, for most people, it is not easy to get started. Bitcoin mining’s barrier of entry continues to remain high, as the financial investment, technical knowledge, and active maintenance required are all too difficult for most people … Read more